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Hodges Commercial Real Estate, Warehouse and Logistics Services : Team
Paul Hodges Paul Hodges Broker/Shareholder Paul Hodges has been a licensed real estate broker for over 15 years. He has extensive experience buying, selling, leasing and managing large varied real estate portfolios for the family company as well as acting as an agent for third parties. email: paul.hodges@hodges-realestate.com
Lance Hunter Lance Hunter CEO Lance Hunter has helped lead the Hodges Companies for over 14 years, the last 12 as CEO. He has more than 35 year's management experience in diverse industries including warehousing, logistics, real estate, financial services and consulting. He is a former CPA and a received an MBA from the Harvard Business School. email: lancehunter@hodgeswarehouse.com
Michael Hodges Michael Hodges Sales Associate/Shareholder Michael Hodges has served in management positions within the Hodges companies over the last 15 years with a variety of experience in leasing, sales and general management. email: mhodges@hodges-realestate.com
Donald E. Fleming Donald E. Fleming Donald (Ed) Fleming is a well seasoned commercial real estate industry veteran. Ed moved to Montgomery in 1970 while his father was in Air Force at Maxwell Air Force Base. He graduated from Lanier High School in 1972 and later attended Auburn University Montgomery with a concentration in business management. Ed had a long term career with Allstate Beverage Co, locally owned by the Grant family, for over 37 years. He later went to work for Hodges Commercial Real Estate in 2010.
email: dfleming@hodgeswarehouse.com

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